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Each week, our mailbox is full of requests for new designs: 60’s Ford Broncos, 68 Chevy Camaros, and of course the Chevy C/10.  Some are people’s favorites or just the classic they own. About 50% of them are for custom shirts.  Since our shirts are silkscreened and NOT heat pressed, like the tees you find at souvenir shops on vacation, our minimum runs are high; the process is more involved. Making a custom shirt requires more than just a run of tees, it involves our search for the vehicle.

I always wish I could write back to say “Yes, we’ve got that” or even “Sure, we can do that.” But the Grilled Tees project is about the grilles Nathanial finds in the greater Los Angeles area. Our library of images consists of cars found on the streets here.

Culver CityPlease keep telling us what you want to see! Your suggestions have helped us find the automobilia that deserves to be captured—like the C/10 in Nathanial’s post. We hadn’t looked at trucks too much until you suggested them, and the GMC 100, with its perfect patina featured on our Culver City Tee, is a direct result of your efforts.



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