La Femme or The Dude?

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The Dodge La Femme, “For the modern woman of 1955”



Alena’s modeling of the Culver City, the ’70s Tag Tee, and the Mar Vista on The Shop page prompted some research about what women find appealing in cars. That led to the discovery that the Dodge La Femme “was the first automobile with a gender” according to Popular Mechanics. Introduced in 1955, it came with a pink purse, an umbrella and a raincoat for “the modern woman.”

Fifteen years later, Dodge introduced “The Dude” sport package for the Sweptline truck—presented by Don Knotts (best known as deputy Barney Fyffe on The Andy Griffith Show). Neither model sold well, and both were short-lived. There has been no attempt since to genderize, by any other marque  anywhere.

The cars Nathanial finds for our shirts have fondly remembered character, but the La Femme and The Dude seem from another world. Perhaps that’s because the automobile would prefer to be neither masculine nor feminine. Just freedom and power for everyone.

Chasity and Adrian