NH Diary: C/10  I

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I didn’t become aware of the Chevy C/10 community until early last year. I knew people were out there who loved Chevy trucks more than most things in life, but I didn’t understand the level of devotion many of these folks have for the C/10 model. Then Aaron and Richard’s no-expense-spared C/10 build showed me this truck’s history and importance in the American classic car world.

Aaron often wears our shirts, and after that episode of Fast-n-Loud, emails about the truck began to hit our website. Would we ever make a C/10 shirt? We get many requests—people want every model they’ve fallen in love with; they want to send us a photo of their own vehicle for our next new shirt. Every request is logged in my brain and we respond to many, but mostly in the same way. Our process from the beginning has been about the works of art on the streets of Los Angeles, the ones with the beauty of individual character—so different from the uninspired Japanimation of today’s American models. I photograph each of my finds hoping to capture that character—and many times scrap everything, thinking I’ll find that particular vehicle again in better circumstances. A series of these misses dogged my way with the C/10 until, I think, recently.

The stretch of Colorado Boulevard that runs through the heart of Eagle Rock, California, was once lined with car dealerships and auto parts lots. Only a few are left now that we’ve become hip. But many of the remaining original residents continue the car culture that used to be the neighborhood’s pulse. I’m new, and I find these beautiful relics every time I drive to the grocery store. The first Eagle Rock shirt we made in 2011 is my next door neighbor’s 1969 Mustang Mach 1. This east Los Angeles enclave is a hotbed of American Classics.


In northeast LA.