NH Diary: C/10 II

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The Rock

The Rock

It was no surprise to me when I noticed the bright blue 1964 C/10 off Yosemite near the Figueroa intersection. I’d shot a few of these pickups, but I’d never been happy enough with the results to take the next step. And I’m not at that point with this shot yet, either. But after driving past the truck for a few weeks, I noticed that sometimes the owner parked it in the yard so the grille faced the street. A chain link fence protected it, but this was different from the stark cage so close to the 1983 El Dorado’s grille on our first shirt. The C/10 was parked twenty feet behind the fence, making it very difficult to capture the fence and the grille as I saw them.

C103One morning last week on my way to Von’s, the C/10 faced out after having been parked sideways for several weeks to hide most of the grille. Early and overcast, the June gloom created gentle, soft light. I chose a long prime lens to best interpret the juxtaposition of the fence and the grille. The light was perfect. I shot three frames while an angry dog repeatedly threw itself against the fence across the street behind me.

So, C/10 community, is this 1964 worth going through the process of making a new shirt? Let me know.


1964 Chevrolet C/10