NH Diary: Catalina II

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 | No Comments

I crest the Barham hill and make the light over the 101 and then the light onto Cahuenga. Past the new condos built into the mountain, the little bridge back across the 101 isn’t backed up. The right at Cahuenga leads me to a red light at the turn-off to the Hollywood Bowl, and as I squint into the rising sun, I see her.

Pontiac completely restyled their full-sized sedans in 1965, stacking the headlights of one of their flagship models. The Catalina became a sleek, powerful sedan that could carry a family on Sunday or rip through the streets at midnight. To many it is even more special than the GTO.

My Catalina was in the long line of vehicles parked on Cahuenga Boulevard at rush hour. There was an empty space in front of her, and the shadow of an aging, pinkish apartment complex covered her completely. I jumped across a lane of traffic to a cacophony of horns, parked, and went to work.