NH Diary: Not a Bentley

Posted by on Aug 27, 2016 | No Comments

Stumbling across important cars in places where they don’t fit is one of my favorite events in this process. A classic 1970’s grill from a General Motors’ brand stereotypically fits in an ethnically diverse neighborhood where many of the residents put bars on their windows. The classic car culture of Los Angeles is primarily a blue-collar group who have decided to spend whatever extra resources they may have on what they love.

This is why, on a journey through Hancock Park, one of Los Angeles’ most affluent and least diverse communities, it’s a wonderful surprise to stumble onto a 1977 Pontiac Le Mans in perfect condition. Founded on the oil money of the Hancock Family in the 1920’s, the Hancock Park neighborhood’s wide tree-lined streets are home to the most extravagant and modern SUV’s, the latest German sports cars, and the occasional Bentley.

Not a Bentley.

Not a Bentley.

In my search of the city, I am fortified by finds like this in places like these. With luck, this wonderful representative of the now defunct Pontiac line will end up on one of our shirts.